Nissens Automotive A/S statement on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation

Denmark, October 1st, 2020

We continue to mitigate the pandemic consequences and to secure the best prevention in all our operational and trade activities.

Nissens is still closely monitoring the evolution of the coronavirus and updating the staff and stakeholders on necessary precautions. In the light of the second wave of the global spread, we continuously strive to minimize any risks related to the pandemic.

Our regard for the situation and readiness to act accordingly whenever needed remains permanent. We take into consideration the possibility of changes due to some local regulations on the customer locations. If you should experience any relevant deviation due to the local regulations, your Nissens representative will inform you accordingly.

As per the date of the publication, we herewith confirm that Nissens takes any necessary effort to strictly follow the local authorities’ precautions and guidelines intended to minimize and prevent the spread. Nissens Automotive and our all business entities worldwide remain fully operational on all levels, and specifically:

  • Our manufacturing plants stay entirely operative without major disturbances or declines in performance and production capabilities;
  • Our Supply Chain system remains fully operational with all of the warehouses running, ensuring undisturbed commodities flow to our customers;
  • Our sales organization functions as usual, aiming to secure the highest level of customer service worldwide, despite some locally applied constraints within the changed working patterns (online meetings, home-office work and limited visits and travel activities);
  • Our entire organization across all levels, functions and locations is obliged to observe emerging precautions and instructions, ensuring the enhanced hygiene standards in all aspects of the work activity.

Should there be any relevant update or development to the situation beyond our control, if any unforeseen events take place, Nissens will duly provide you with further information and will take any necessary actions to mitigate any disturbances.

Please keep in mind that we are here to support you throughout these times. You may reach us by telephone and email as always and you can expect that the procedures will be carried out as normal. Should you have any concerns or issues that you wish to address, we encourage you to reach out to us without hesitation.

Yours truly,


Vice President Sales

Anja Thomsen


Phone: +45 7626 2752


Executive Vice President, Nissens Automotive

Klavs T. Pedersen


Phone: +45 7626 2680